Advice Centres


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Account3 is a women led training training and development agency providing accredited functional skills, vocational skills and leadership training for women of Tower Hamlets. Our IAG support programme supports women in all aspects of employment planning and progression and assists to identify relevant training opportunities and jobs.

In addition account3 provides:
One to one welfare benefits, housing and debt advice for Tower Hamlets residents and a full day nursery for under 5’s.

Address 3 Birkbeck Street, Bethnal Green, London, E2 6JY
Tel 020 7739 7720

Age UK East London

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Age UK helps those 50+ and their carers with welfare benefits, housing, social care, health & disability, utility & keeping warm, travel and consumer issues.

Address 82 Russia Lane, London, E2 9LU
Tel 020 8981 7124


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APASEN provide timely, relevant and accurate information, advice and advocacy support to people with disabilities who are living in Tower Hamlets. Specialised in PIP, DLA, Attendance Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Universal Credit, Carers Allowance and other disability related benefits.

Address Carmine Wharf, 30 Copenhagen Place, London, E14 7FF
Tel 020 7001 2267
Email advice and

Bangladeshi Youth Movement (BYM)

Benefits, housing, nationality and immigration services (level 1), general advice and information.

Address 21-23 Henriques Street, London, E1 1NB
Tel 020 7488 1831

Bromley By Bow Centre 

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Bromley By Bow Advice Centre – Provides Advice on welfare benefits, housing and debt problems provided at the centre and at outreach centres in the local area.

East End Energy Fit – Offers free and impartial and confidential advice for people who are struggling to pay their gas, electricity or water bills to help you keep your home warm, stay on top of your bills and save money

Address St Leonard’s Street, London E3 3BT
Tel 020 8709 9757

Carers Centre Tower Hamlets

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A comprehensive service supporting unpaid carers to live fulfilling lives by providing:

  • Advice & Support – Carers Assessments, information and advice and advocacy
  • Welfare Benefits – from application to appeal, for unpaid carers and those they care for.
  • Carers Wellbeing Academy – yoga, respite breaks, massage therapy, counselling and much more, you can see our events and activities calendar here
  • Young Adult Carers Project – weekly groups and fun monthly activities for carers aged 16-25.
  • Royal London Hospital Carers Support – information and advice on discharge, support in the community.

Address 21 Brayford Square, London, E1 0SG
Tel 020 7790 1765

Citizens Advice Bureau (Whitechapel)

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 Appointments for specialist Benefit & Employment cases booked following an initial assessment at drop-in sessions. 

Address 32 Greatorex Street, London, E1 5NP
Tel 020 7247 1050
Advice line 0344 826 9699


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We provide welfare and generalist advice to those residents who are deaf or hard of hearing in British sign language. Appointment bookings text only: 07444710598: e-mail:

Address Trinity Centre Key Close Whitechapel, London, E1W 2QD
Tel: 020 3001 1728


Debt Free London

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Our trained and accredited advisors, which within Tower Hamlets are based within Toynbee Hall, can support with all types of money worries – from rent and council tax arrears, to credit card and catalogue debt.

Telephone/WhatsApp: 0800 808 5700    Webchat:

Video chat:

Fair Money Advice

(Members of the Referral site)

We are a free debt advice charity who provides advice throughout London. We support client with income maximisation, budgeting and debt advice.

Address 530 Commercial Road, London E1 0HY
Tel 020 7028032


Financial Health Centre (Massingham Street)

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The Financial Health Centre (FHC)  is a one-stop shop to help people manage their finances or get back into work or training. The service runs in partnership with Citizens’ Advice, Account3, WiseAge, The Limehouse Project Women’s Inclusive Team and Tower Hamlets Council

The FHC provides free and independent advice to Tower Hamlets residents with Debt, Welfare Benefits, Universal Credit, Employment, Housing, Money Management, Training & Job search matters.

Address Financial Health Centre, Raynham House, Massingham Street, London E1 4EB
Tel 0207 364 2200

Island Advice Centre

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Advice from basic help and information, help with forms to specialist level in welfare benefits, housing and debt for residents of Tower Hamlets

Address Island House, Roserton Street, E14 3PG
Advice Line 020 7987 9379

Legal Advice Centre

Specialist level advice on welfare benefits, employment and housing

Web enquiry for disability benefit appeals:

Address University House, 104 Roman Road, E2 0RN
Tel 0203 606 0372

Limehouse Project

(Members of the Referral site)

The Advice Service at Limehouse Project offers free confidential generalist impartial one-to-one information, advice and support on: 

  • Welfare Benefits (Including Benefits Checks)
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction
  • Immigration (Basic Level Advice)
  • Housing
  • Debt (Basic Level Advice)

Clients are seen on a first-come-first-served basis. When we are at full capacity clients are put on the waiting-list or referrals are made to other local advice organisations.  Please note that this service is offered via pre-booked appointment only both face-to-face and telephone advice. Further information can be accessed via the LHP’s website or contact us via email/letter or telephone.  

Address: 791-791 Commercial Road, Unit 2, St Anne Street, London, E14 7HG
Tel: 020 7538 0075

Ocean Somali Community Association

Ocean Somali Community Association (OSCA) provides advice, guidance and information to the Somali community in East End.
This includes welfare advice, skills training and access to jobs.

Address Concordia Centre, 420-421 Burdett Road, London, E3 4AA
Tel 020 7987 5833

Positive East

Service available to those who either access their HIV care or live in East London. Advice on welfare benefits, HIV testing, counselling and peer support, help with returning to work and education. Recently diagnosed courses, gym and internet café.

Address 159 Mile End Road, London, E1 4AQ
Tel 020 7791 2855

Praxis Community Projects

(Members of the Referral site)

Pan-London advice and support for both new & settled migrants. (Praxis is a migrant rights organisation and our services are only available to migrants).

We are a migrant rights organisation providing pan-London advice and support for migrants and refugees. Our main focus is on the provision of specialist immigration advice (up to OISC Level 2) but we also provide some generalist advice on areas such as welfare benefits, housing & homelessness, community care, and asylum support.

Referrals taken for immigration advice only for TH residents /individuals without a fixed address. Due to capacity, priority will be given to destitute migrants.

Please try to signpost residents to our drop-in or phone advice sessions in the first instance.

Drop-in service is 2nd Wednesday of the month, 9.30am-1pm. See website for upcoming dates.

Address Pott Street, London, E2 0EF
Tel 020 7729 7985
Advice Line 020 7749 7608

St. Hilda’s East Community Centre

St Hilda’s Advice Service  

(Members of the Referral site)

We offer advice and casework up to appeal on Welfare Rights, basic housing, basic debt advice and form filling for residents of Tower Hamlets only.

Advice hours: 10am to 2pm Mon-Thu
Tel Telephone advice and appointments provided by calling the mobile number 07377051201

Address 18 Club Row, London, E2 7EY
Tel 020 7739 8066

London Borough Tower Hamlets Advice Services

(Members of the Referral site)

Resident Support Outreach Team
Assist with universal credit claims and support, benefit checks, hardship grants, housing benefit applications and Discretionary Housing Payments

Telephone 0207 364 3828 / 4710 / 7321 / 7010

Financial Support Team
Rent arrears, Income Maximisation and Benefit Checks, Discretionary Housing Payments

Telephone 0207 364 4080 / 3680

Tower Hamlets Connect

Tower Hamlets Connect is an information, advice and advocacy service. Tower Hamlets Connect can help Tower Hamlets residents live independent, healthy and fulfilling lives. It provides free, independent, quality-assured information, advice and advocacy across health, social care and social welfare to resolve issues and prevent or delay any needs or problems from getting worse.

Tower Hamlets Connect operates as an access point to Adult Social Care services in the borough.

Tel 03003036070

Tower Hamlets Law Centre

(Members of the Referral site)

Specialist legal advice services to residents in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in the areas of welfare benefits, immigration, employment and housing

Address Unit 1, St Anne’s Street, off 789 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HG
Tel 0207 538 4909

Toynbee Hall

(Members of the Referral site)

Legal Advice; Employment, Housing, Debt, Consumer, Immigration, Family and Civil Litigation. Specialist Debt Advice and Money Management. Macmillan Welfare Rights Advice. Generalist Advice for those who live, work or study in the City Square Mile.

Address 28 Commercial St, E1 6LS
Tel 020 7392 2953

Wapping Bangladesh Association

Mostly Bangladeshi service users, but open for all. Advice and general help including casework on benefits, housing and utility bills for the residents of Tower Hamlets only

Address 1st Floor, Wapping Youth Club, Tench Street, London, E1W 2QD
Tel 02077021708 11am to 4pm Monday / 11am to 4pm Wednesday


Other Support

Bromley By Bow Centre Money Management (Members of the Referral site : Financial Capability – Money Management Workshop)

Money management support 1:1 support and workshops to help resident of Tower Hamlets, Newham and Hackney manage their energy costs and learn online skills to help manage money better.

Address St Leonard’s Street, London E3 3BT
Tel 020 8709 9757

Clean Slate (Members of the Referral site: Financial Capability)

​Clean Slate’s unique Money Health-Check Service helps people who are struggling to maximise their income, reduce spending and improve how they manage money. The money guidance that follows can help people get back in control, secure their housing and ‘future-proof’ their finances, more about that here
Anyone can get in touch and refer themselves via the relevant online referral form, or contact us to be directed to the relevant service: To make referrals through the THCAN referral system – Please select Financial Capability

For those who would prefer a face-to-face appointment, you can still direct them to our drop-in services at the following locations:


  • Linc Centre, 70 Fern Street, Poplar, E3 3PR
    9.30am – 12pm


  • Bow Community Hub, Jefferson Plaza, London, E3 3QE
    9.30am – 12pm

DeafPlus Health & WellBeing (Members of the Referral site : Wellbeing Activities )

DeafPLUS provides health & wellbeing activities. Our work tackles health inequalities and social isolation amongst D/deaf and hard of hearing people.  We provide various activities, workshops, training and courses that is available for clients, families and health professionals to crucially improve access for deaf and hard of hearing community. We provide various types of activities, such as:

  • Health workshops
  • Family holiday activities
  • Deaf Awareness Training for health professionals
  • Lipreading classes
  • Arts and crafts events
  • Befriender support

Address Trinity Centre Key Close Whitechapel London E1 4HG
Tel 020 7 790 8478
Website Tower Hamlets – deafPLUS

Family Action FOOD (Members of the Referral site : Food Support) 

Family Action has launched Food On Our Doorstep (FOOD) clubs to provide good-quality food at a low cost, while also reducing food waste. We also provide advice in regard to cooking on a budget, meal prep, recipes etc.

It costs just £1 a year for a family to become a member. Once you’ve joined, you can purchase a bag of tasty food items every week worth approx. £10-£15 for just £3.50!



LinkAge Plus (Members of the Referral site : Advocacy, Wellbeing Activities )

Linkage Plus is an innovative project for people over 50 living in Tower Hamlets.

Borough wide, it is based out of five hubs – Age UK East London, Neighbours in Poplar, Peabody at Sundial, Sonali Gardens and Toynbee Hall.Linkage Plus works with Older people to improve their wellbeing and increase their social networks and tackle isolation. Our services include:

  • One-to-one support at home or a place of convenience such as a café
  • Social activities such as coffee mornings and tea clubs
  • IT learning, training and support that suits you
  • Health promotion e.g. healthy heart talks, diet and nutrition, dementia and falls prevention workshops
  • Fitness sessions in your local area – chair based fitness, tai chi, Zumba, Yoga and walking groups
  • Support accessing the hubs and their activities, singing, art, trips to local museums and galleries

Address see leaflet for various location LinkAge leaflet
Website: Plus – Toynbee Hall

Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham (Members of the Referral site : Wellbeing Activities)

Groups, activities, and advice to support people with their mental wellbeing. We run a variety of groups based on the five ways to wellbeing: take notice, be active, connect with others, learn, and give. We also hold a monthly Activate Café, a chance to meet people, learn about services in the area and try out some of the groups and activities. Contact us and speak to one of our navigators to find the right support at the right time.

Address Open House, 13 Whitethorn Street, Bow, London E3 4DA
Tel 020 7510 1081

REFEO  (Members of the Referral site : Digital Inclusion ; Training & Jobsearch)

Refeo (Refugee Education For Equal Employment Opportunities) is based in Tower Hamlets, London. Since our establishment in April 2019, our organisation remains faithful to its purpose which is helping UK refugees and asylum seekers move beyond disadvantage.
REFEO promotes equality of opportunity for UK refugees and asylum seekers who are aged 18 and over by improving their access to higher education, offering online accredited courses, mentoring and improving their accessibility to laptops and job opportunities that match their qualifications to increase their employability on the UK job market.

Facebook :

Real Advocacy (Members of the Referral site : Advocacy )

Real supports anyone living, working or studying in Tower Hamlets who is disabled or who has a long-term health condition. 
Phone:020 7001 2170

Real’s Advocacy Service is a free, independent and confidential service, which offers one-to-one and group support for disabled people living and working in Tower Hamlets.  
We can help you with a wide range of problems, including trouble with social care, housing, transport, employment and using the NHS. 

For more information on Advocacy click here

Phone:020  7001 2177

Real Taking Control Of Your Life (Members of the Referral site : Wellbeing activities, Volunteering & Employment Activities, Courses & training)

Would you like more choice and control over your life? Are you unhappy with your current care and support?  
If so, our new advice service Taking Control of Your Life can help you. It supports disabled people to make the changes they want to make in their lives. 

We can help accessing Wellbeing activities, Volunteering and Employment Activities, Courses and training  and help with family matters. For more details click here

Call 020 7001 2184  


Working Well Trust Upskill Project (Members of the Referral site: Wellbeing Activities, Volunteering & Employment activities, Courses & Training)

Upskill Supports people who have been affected by mental health issues to take steps to improve their own wellbeing, health or employment goals by supporting people to access a range of wellbeing, training, volunteering or employment activities.

For more information please see upskill leaflet

Tel 020 77297557

St Margaret’s House (Members of the Referral site : Wellbeing Activities; Volunteering )

St Margaret’s House ‘s projects are anchored in the community, providing spaces for residents to eat, shop, learn, create, and enjoy a diverse cultural program.  St Margaret’s House is an Arts and Wellbeing Charity which works with a variety of partners to deliver wellbeing activities including regular yoga, pilates, fitness, movement, acupuncture, massage and Tai Chi. This is alongside arts and creative activities including woodwork, art therapy, craft, painting, beading, sewing and more Community projects including heritage, drama workshops and theatre

Volunteering opportunities in the wonderful charity shop Ayoka

We also have a free monthly legal advice session

Address 21 Old Ford Rd., London E2 9PL
Tel 020 8980 2092
Email Contact us — St. Margaret’s House (

Stifford Centre (Members of the Referral site : Wellbeing Activities; Courses & Training )

The centre is a community hub and provides a range of services including adult training in Childcare, teaching Assistance and TFL cab driving as well as ESOL classes and Health & Wellbeing activities.  From participating in sessions and activities and training, there is always something that the Stifford Centre can offer you and lots to get involved in.

Address 2-6 Cressy Place, London, E1 3JG
Tel 020 7790 3632

Other Referral Site User

  • Tower Hamlets Social Prescribers (Members of the Referral site- referrer only)
    Social Prescribing is a Tower Hamlets service that aims to address the social factors affecting health and wellbeing by connecting local residents to the non-medical support within the borough.

  • Gateway Housing (Members of the Referral site – referrer only)
    Address Gateway Housing Association 409-413 Mile End Road, London, E3 4PB

  • Look Ahead TH Community Intervention (Members of the Referral site- referrer only)
    Tower hamlets Community Intervention service (CIS) provides structured support for up to 106 individuals living in Tower Hamlets.
    The support is short term (up to six months) and focuses on providing support interventions to people with medium to high unmet needs.
    For more information including how to to refer see Referral process
    Tel 0203 222 4027

  • Spitalfields Housing (Members of the Referral site – referrer only)
    Address One Canada Square London E14 5AA

  • Bangabandhu Primary School (Members of the Referral site – referrer only)
    Address Wessex Street, Globe Road, London E2 0LB

  • LBTH Housing Prevention Team (Members of the Referral site – Housing Associations  only)
    Address Housing Options Service LBTH Place Directorate 2nd Floor, Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BG