THCAN Referral System

What is the THCAN Referral System?

  • Facilitates professional, accurate and timely referrals between agencies.
  • Enables monitoring of referrals, reporting and analysis.
  • Web-based so can be accessed from any device.
  • THCAN annual review 2022  click here

Benefits for the Client

  • Receiving organisation contacts the client
  • They are referred to the most appropriate agency securely and quickly
  • Avoid the need for the client to repeat their story

Benefits for the Agency

  • Access multiple organisations
  • Send client documents, contact details and confidential information securely
  • Track progress of outgoing referrals
  • Promote shared processes & partnership working
  • Prevent duplication of triage work

How does it work?

See here to download the handbook about how to use the Referral System Click here to download the handbook.

Privacy Notice


Click here to download our Policy and Procedures for Use Document Click here for our Policies and Procedures for use.