Benefits Advice

It is important to check that you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to and challenge any decisions that you feel are unfair.  All the advice centres listed assist with benefit claims and general benefit advice but if benefit has been refused or lengthy delays have occurred  you should seek specialist help, there are expert benefit advisors in Tower Hamlets that can help you.

Self Help and National Benefits Advice

Benefits Calculators

Find out what benefits you may be entitled to and how to claim using the free, easy to use benefits calculator



Home – Policy in Practice

Government websites

Benefits guides and information, on line claims and claim forms

Local Benefits Advice

All the advice centres listed on this website provide advice on benefits and are knowledgeable about the problems that claimants face. They can help you to check what you are entitled to, assist you in making a claim and deal with general problems with entitlement and payments.

List of Advice Centres

Specialist Benefit Advisors

There are a number of free specialists in Tower Hamlets that can assist you with problems, information, advice and legal help on complex benefit problems. This includes benefit reconsiderations and appeals, representation, dealing with delays in payments for benefits. The following agencies currently employ specialist benefit advisors.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Tel: 0207 247 1050
Advice Line: 03444 111 444

Island Advice Centre

Advice Line: 020 7987 9379

Legal Advice Centre

Website: Home – Legal Advice Centre (University House)

Web enquiry for disability benefit appeals:


Tel: 020 8980 2205

Tower Hamlets Law Centre

Tel: 020 7538 4909